Our Services

What we want to achieve with you:

Mental wellness consultation will provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, enhanced personal support service to achieve the client’s full potential through an individualized program which encourages self reliance, coping abilities/strategies as well as a plan to achieve your goals. An individualized assessment will be completed and the creation of a customized plan for you to achieve mental wellness. We will support, coach and counsel you on your journey to mental wellness while implementing your customized plan.
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
World Health Organization

Dual Diagnosis & Disabilities Treatment Plans and Therapy

We will help individuals with mental health, behavioural, cognitive, developmental and learning disorders reach their full potential by meeting the challenges of their diverse needs through therapy, goal development, education, skill building and support.

Dual Diagnosis/Disabilities Specific Assessments


Therapy and Counselling Services

We offer One-to-One, Group Sessions, Relationship and Family Counselling.

Group Services


Our partnership with local agencies and businesses not only offers our clients complete therapeutic and wellness plan it allows us to offer a variety of innovative group services.

Group services allow for individuals to learn together support each other, develop relationships and network.

Customized group presentations are also available for groups that have a specific topic in mind or specialized needs.

Mind Body Wellness Plans


Our goal is to help you achieve total body and mind wellness. We help you achieve this through 4 essential areas: Mental wellness services, Body testing, Colon Hydrotherapy and Nutritional Consultation

Therapy and Counseling Services are available to achieve mental wellness. Our therapist will support you, educate and assist in developing skills needed to achieve your goals. One to one or group consultation is available for nutritional and mental wellness services.

To enhance optimum health and well-being, the centre provides innovative Bio meridian scanning technology for body testing to uncover imbalances in body systems so action can be taken to prevent illnesses/disease.

The State-of-the-art, Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy system promotes deep cleansing and detoxification of the most vital organ of the body--the colon (by evacuating fecal buildup, and toxins to allow for better digestion, assimilation of nutrients and expelling of wastes).

Nutritional consulting encourages clients to engage in healthy living. We work with clients to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

Additional Assessments