Our Team and Partners

The Serenity Centre’s goal is to adhere to our Vision, Mission and Values, as well as to provide all the services our clients need from within one Centre.

All our team members have education as well as experience working within the mental health, mental wellness and disabilities sectors. All team members are individually trained, monitored, and supervised from their date of hire to the end of the sessions with our clients.

We have partnered with other local agencies that we believe share our vision, mission and values to provide our clients with a resource and the services that they require outside of our area of services.


Kelly King - Owner/Therapist

Kelly is a therapist with over 12 years of community, hospital-based and private practice experience .She has a proven track record of client relationship building, therapeutic assessments, interventions and treatments .Experienced in negotiation, crises management and conflict resolution. She is dedicated to continuous quality improvement and personal and professional development.

Kelly is a graduate of the University of Toronto; my main areas of study are Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. I have since worked in the fields of, Therapy and Counselling, Assessments, Body Balance, Digestive Health, Individualized Treatment Plans and Programs. I currently have a private therapy and consulting practice along with being the Co-founder and Owner of Digestive & Therapeutic Wellness Centre.

Kelly is the Owner and founder of the Serenity Centre Inc. opened in December 2010.The Serenity Centre Inc. supports Individuals and families with a mental health diagnosis, developmental and learning disabilities. We offer assessments, recommendations for treatment and individualized therapy programs. TSC offers an individualized plan to help the individual to develop skills and goals to reach their full potential. Kelly is passionate about her work and her client’s total wellbeing. She is dedicated and committed to their success in achieving mental wellness.

Kelly is also the Owner and Co-founder of Digestive & Therapeutic Wellness Centre. Her role as resident therapist for Mental Wellness services, Assessments and Bio Meridian Body Testing and Colon Hydrotherapy at Digestive and Therapeutic Wellness centre.

Kelly specializes in creating individualized treatment plans to enhance the quality of life of all her clients and help them reach their full potential. She supports and helps her clients to bring balance and happiness/calm to their lives. Kelly is passionate about her work and her client’s total wellbeing. She is dedicated and committed to their success in achieving Overall Body and Mind Wellness.

I am also honored and proud to be a Co- Founder and sit on the Board of Directors of I.M ABLE Inc. A non- profit organization focusing on providing programs to empower and promote independence for individuals with mental health and disabilities through education, skill building and fitness.


Linn Purves - Therapist

Linn Purves, MACP, RP (Q) realized that she wanted to be a therapist at the young age of 12, as she and her family supported nearly 100 foster children until 2005. From these experiences, Linn has become keenly interested in the areas of trauma work and addiction, honing her educational experiences and trainings around these specialties. Since attending the Externship for Emotion Focused Couples Therapy in 2017, Linn has also realized her passion for working with couples. Over the years, Linn has gained experience working in addiction, chronic and terminal illness, grief, trauma in both children, youth, and adults., as well as family and relationship discord. She has also endeavored to continue educating herself and sharpening her clinical skills around her areas of interest. In the near future, Linn will be completing her designation as a clinical traumatologist. When Linn is not working as a clinician, she enjoys spending time with her family, including several dogs, engaging in fitness activities, and you can always find her reading a wide assortment of books. Self-care is a foundational block to being an effective helper in Linn's opinion, and she looks forward to consulting with you on how she can best support achieving your wellness goals.


Nica Reid - Counsellor

Nica has over 15 years of experience working in various social service sector. She has experience working in various settings such as the areas of domestic violence,mental health,  addictions, providing support to individuals with disability,  working with women that have been in conflict with the law and assisting individuals with immigration and cultural barriers integrate into Canadian Society. She is the CEO of One World Consultation, which focuses on providing support to organizations to build inclusive spaces.

She is a graduate of Mcmaster University with a Hons. B.A. in Sociology and Communications as well as  Social Service Worker diploma from Sheridan College.


Lisa Moskovian - Life Coach

Lisa has always been passionate about helping others see their value and unlocking their true potential. She wants others to see the truth about their reality and assist them by releasing emotional blocks and changing their thought patterns to be at cause of their lives so they discover their power to create what they desire. With a background in psychology, Lisa also has strong leadership skills from running her own company. Experientially, Lisa has overcome severe addiction, physical and sexual abuse, financial lack, and an overall lack of purpose and fulfillment. She has learned how to overcome and thrive from the challenges in her life and she wants to give that gift back to others.


Therese Cote - Registered Practical Nurse

Therese has many years of experience as a focused and determined nurse with a track record of providing world class healthcare to her patients.  She has worked in a variety of different nursing environments and is able to take on challenging roles involving managing a wide range of complex nursing priorities.  As a dynamic, forward thinking individual she sets new standards in everything she does. Therese has continued her education to also include wellness and lifestyle management.  Her offerings at Serenity Supports Include:

  • Psychological/ Therapeutic  Administration
  • Case Management
  • Therapeutic Supervision
  • Counseling and Support Services

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

I offer an effective way to eat better without dieting and feeling deprived.  Improve your health by learning how to get active no matter what shape you are in now.   There is no short-term diet, meal plan or ‘food rules’ to follow. Instead, I will help you build lasting skills and habits to look and feel better for the long term.  Sustainability is the key to success. Let me show you how!

dnaPower Genetic Counselling

Empower your life by understanding your body’s unique DNA.  This is the most comprehensive DNA test for preventative health.  There are 250+ genetic variations tested. A simple cheek swab is sent to our lab in Vancouver and will provide results within weeks.  There are 4 categories to choose from: Diet, Fit, Health and Brain (or choose them all!). Note: Your sample is identified using a BARCODE for your protection and privacy

Psychological First Aid